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New Year Prayer for Peace on Earth

Dear Beloved Thầy, Dear Beloved Ancestors, Dear Beloved Mother Earth,

We have gathered as a fourfold Sangha of the European Institute of Applied Buddhism in this solemn moment of the New Year 2022 to express our gratitude and aspiration as a spiritual family, and to begin anew. We know that you, our ancestors, are present in this very moment, and that you are always there for us to take refuge in. As we touch the earth tonight we feel deeply connected to all of you. Beloved Thầy, many times in the past we have allowed uncertainty to water the seeds of insecurity and fear in our hearts. We have hesitated to take refuge in the path and we have doubted our family and community. We have not been wholehearted in our practice. We have let our strong emotions and wrong perceptions overwhelm us, giving rise to feelings of helplessness, separation and despair. Aware of this, we want to begin anew and to remind ourselves of our commitment to practice wholeheartedly, to take refuge in our Beloved Community, and to be a continuation of Thầy and all our spiritual ancestors. We aspire to live more deeply by cultivating our mindful breathing and walking in our daily activities, which we know are your favorite practices. We also know that you love building Sangha, and we vow to continue your work of building brotherhood and sisterhood with all our heart, even though at times it may seem challenging. We aspire to listen deeply and to help one another, never forsaking anyone, even those who cause us to suffer.

Dear Beloved Ancestors, Dear Beloved Mother Earth,
Over the past two years, uncertainty, anxiety and loss arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic have raised levels of fear, anger and violence in our human family. Contemplating the possibility for such suffering and violence to continue, and to proliferate on an even larger scale, we commit anew to cultivating peace in ourselves and in the world. Following the spirit of the Buddha's insight into the Noble Truth of suffering, we aspire to practice the following mindfulness training for peace on Earth. A Mindfulness Training for Peace on Earth Aware of the suffering caused by the potential for our human family to destroy itself and - through unmindful or reckless actions - extinguish all life on Earth, we are determined to nurture a culture of honoring the sacred web of life that sustains us. This we shall do by committing collectively to practicing mindfulness and leading lives of non-violence and peace, based on our insight into the interconnectedness, interdependency and interbeing of all forms of life on Earth. We shall practice collectively (as well as individually) in ways that stop all acts and behaviors contributing to the destruction of our human family, other species from the animal and plant kingdoms, and our planet. These destructive actions include the development and production of arms such as nuclear and biochemical weapons, and advanced technologies for waging war in cyberspace and space. The destructive actions we seek to end also include the misuse of social media and other media to manipulate human minds and emotions in ways that generate confusion, mistrust, anger, hatred, and violence within our human family, and cruelty to other species from the animal and plant kingdoms. We shall channel humanity’s collective energy, material wealth and spiritual resources towards positive, wholesome actions that help people learn about, understand, and trust each other; that nourish our existence as one human family among many species, and that protect our sacred Mother Earth. With openness and humility, we shall learn to embrace each other culturally, politically, socially, and equitably. We shall respect diversity of ethnicity, gender, age, and religious or other beliefs so we may build and nurture on Earth a human family that is at peace with itself, with all living beings and with the planet.

As we touch the Earth, we express our gratitude to you, our beloved teacher Thầy, to our ancestors, and to Mother Earth. We have found the path of practice and a spiritual family in which to take refuge. We have experienced joy, peace and transformation. We have tasted the freedom of letting go of our ideas and notions. We have felt the strength and warmth of brotherhood and sisterhood, and we know that together, we can face our challenges and realize our aspiration. We vow, in this solemn moment, to continue to build our family, our community and to open up the path for ourselves and our descendants.

Dear Thầy, Dear Ancestors, Dear Mother Earth, please accept our offerings of incense, flowers, fruit and tea, as a sign of our deep aspiration, respect, gratitude and love.

Important information about the corona rule at EIAB

Dear friends of the EIAB,

Because the protection of the health of our visitors as well as of the nuns and monks is essential to us, we kindly ask for your understanding that the 2G+ covid rules apply to all persons who would like to attend face-to-face courses at the EIAB. This is the only way we can continue our range of courses in presence.

We therefore kindly ask you to observe the following rules:
1. Only people who have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid can attend a face-to-face course.
2. In addition, you are requested to take a Covid rapid test at an official Covid rapid test center within 24 hours of your departure to the EIAB and to present the certificate of your negative Covid test result on the day of arrival before entering our buildings at the reception desks at our main entrances.
3. Please note that a certificate of recovery from Covid is only valid if you have been cured for less than 6 months.

We thank you very much for your understanding and your courtesy.

September 2020

Notes for our guests - Hygiene measures

We are pleased that you are coming back to EIAB and we warmly welcome you!

Due to Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North-Rhine-Westphalia there are several things to consider.
Guests with symptoms of respiratory illness or infection are not allowed to enter the EIAB for the known reasons.
Guests are accommodated in single rooms in different categories. People living together in a household or couples can also be accommodated in one room.

After entering EIAB please disinfect or wash your hands. There is also a mask requirement in the corridors and stairways of the building. Please bring your own mask / mouth-nose-cover (MNB) with you. In courses, at the table and in the rooms you needn’t wear this. Please note the corresponding regulations.

For course participants and overnight guests, there is a fixed order of table and seat allocation in the dining room for the duration of their stay. This must be observed. To collect personal data, the registration form is available at each individual place during the first meal. After filling it is to be placed in the boxes provided at the exit of dining room.

Bed linen, towels etc are ready for you in the room. Before departure these must be placed in the containers provided in the corridors.

The rooms are to be cleaned during the stay and also before departure. This is part of „working meditation“ in a Buddhist monastery. Please vacuum or wipe the floor and also clean the bed frame, table, chair and other contact surfaces with a cloth soaked in all-purpose cleaner. Please note our cloth management. Put it in the laundry after use. Please ventilate regularly.

The toilet and shower rooms are to be entered with MNB. The necessary distance control (>1,5m) must be observed. This particularly affects urinals and sinks. Marked or blocked areas are not to be used.
Liquid soap, disposable towels and disinfectants are provided. Wahs hands and disinfect them after each use of sanitary facilities.

Showers: the use of shared showers and washrooms is possible. Please ensure adequate ventilation.
The sanitary facilities are cleaned regularly as part of working meditation or by other personnel. The existing cleaning and disinfection plan must be followed.

MNB must be worn on the way to seminar room and therefore always be with you. Hand must be disinfected and MNB worn before entering the seminar room. Each participant receives one or two personal blankets at the beginning of the course. He or she choose the places by him/herself or it is assigned. This is for the duration of the course. MNB needn’t be worn on the place.
Basically the distance of 1,5m must be observed. If this is not possible MNB has to be worn. This is important while leaving or re-entering rooms or contacting other people.

Meditation mats and meditation cushions are provided clean and should therefore not be changed during the course. You can also bring your own utensils. At the end of the course / event, the mats and pillows remain in the room. If chairs are used they must be covered with a blanket before using it because the upholstery is difficult to clean or disinfect.

For your own safety it is important that rooms are regularly ventilated, best is to have permanent ventilation. If not possible, ventilate 10 min every hour.

We hope that we can spend a pleasant and healthy time together.


Aware of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Europe, and the growing number of cases in Germany, we have taken the difficult decision to close the EIAB to the public, from now until April 14 2020

Dear Beloved Community,
We will review and update this decision over the coming weeks as the situation evolves.
We will continue to take registrations for the time beginning April 15. However, we advise against booking flights and travel until nearer the time, when we have more information about the situation. It is uncertain how this virus outbreak will develop and what theGerman government and the international health institutions will recommend. We will do our best to inform everyone as soon as possible.

Concerning your payments:
Full refunds will be given to all those who have already registered and paid.
However, this is a difficult financial situation for the EIAB and therefore we would like to ask you if you could think of one of the two other options:
- to use the money you have paid already for a future course at the eiab
- to donate this money or part of it to the EIAB.

Looking Deeply
We recognise that, as a spiritual community and a place of refuge, we have a social responsibility to protect the wellbeing, safety, and happiness of our visiting guests and our monastic community. We also wish to support the spirit of recommendations currently being proposed by the German Government, namely to avoid unnecessary travel and large gatherings.
In the EIAB we create rare conditions for communal togetherness, including shared meals and shared accommodation—living together as a spiritual community. These are precious experiences that allow us all to feel part of the human family, and to build connections, trust, and closeness. Unfortunately, in the current situation, this communal aspect of the EIAB makes us unusually vulnerable to the transmission of this virus. During the course of 2019 we received over 3.521 guests at our courses and retreats – counting only those who stayed overnight and not including all those who came for Days of Mindfulness and special events.

Non-local Collective Practice
As a community we are taking this opportunity to pause and reflect on the state of our planet and the reality of our interbeing. Over the next weeks, our monastic sangha will be continuing to live simply, reducing unnecessary travel, and continuing our studies, training, and practice, as well as our mindful work to prepare the EIAB for re-opening in Mid-April. Although presently conditions are not sufficient for us to welcome you here to practice with us now, we hope that you will have a chance to make the most of the situation to take time to pause, slow down, and simplify your lives, taking opportunities to rest, spend time in nature, and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Always Connected
Aware of the importance of supporting and nourishing our collective practice in these challenging times, we are exploring online ways to continue to share our teachings with all of you.
We send our thoughts and prayers to those around the world facing suffering and difficulty in these moments, and look forward to the chance to welcome you back in the EIAB in the near future. May all of us as a species use this opportunity to wake up to our shared humanity, our shared vulnerability, and to nourish our compassion and tolerance, and not our fear and discrimination.

A lotus for you,

The Monks and Nuns of the EIAB

August 2020

Summerretreat 2020

We invite you to our great summer retreat 2020

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