Why do you visit the EIAB?


What do you answer when someone is asking you: „Why do you practice meditation? And why do you spend so much time in a buddhist monastery?“ Recently we, two friends of the EIAB, reflected on that question. It is not easy to find a clear answer. As a first approach…


Digging my own well


During the last weekend, I participated in the coursse „Mindfulness is the Source of Happiness“ with Brother Phap Nhat. On the last day, he draw a picture of a pond and a well. Looking at the pond, it first seems that there is a lot of water in it; we…


Construction of the new Kitchen and Dining Hall


Dear Friends of the EIAB, we would like to thank you all from our heart for the generous donations you have made and without which our work here would not have been possible, and hope that we can continue to rely on your help and commitment. We would also like…


Newsletter 2014


Dear readers , in time for Thay’s visit in August 2014 here our 6th newsletter. What is new, what has changed since his last retreat in the EIAB? The most obvious change: this year the Great Compassion Monastery (small building) will have to be renovated according to the require­ments of…


Applied Buddhism – The practice of ‘non-Self’


Applied Buddhism – The practice of ‘non-Self’ Being in touch with the ‘Other Possibilities’ of living Friends visiting EIAB sometimes ask me what exactly ‘Applied Buddhism’ is and how it is different from other forms of Buddhism. I enjoy this inquiry very much and would like to share briefly with…