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Sitting Meditation

Bell, Cushions, and Mattress

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Feeling the peace of your mindful steps during the walking meditation, contemplating the nature. Developing a deeper understanding of Buddha´s teaching while listening to experienced brothers and sisters during the Dharma talk. Greeting the day in the morning with Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Sharing your experiences with meditation with the other participants. Whether the Easter-Retreat, the Wake Up of young people enjoying music or courses about buddhistic psychology or the healing influence of mindfulness on body and mind – the offer of EIAB is as manifold as life itself. A warm welcome to Waldbröl!

Nourishing The Heart

Wali & Arienne

Dances of Peace – Unity in Diversity with Wali and Arienne van der Zwan In this course we will devote ourselves wholly to the quality of heart, the most important life principle in all traditions.Spiritual dance and walking will complement the talks on loving kindness (metta) and provide an opportunity…


Celebrating Life


A holiday retreat for everyone with the monks and nuns of the EIAB This retreat is for everyone, for adults, teenagers and children: programmes are offered for children and teens (age 6-12, and 13-16). We will celebrate the holidays together in a spiritual way that everyone can enjoy. We will…


An Update on Thay’s Health: 8th September 2015


To all Plum Village Practice Centers, To all Practice Centers and Sanghas worldwide, To our Dear Beloved Friends, It has been two months now since Thay arrived in America, with the hope of getting more intensive treatment to recover from his stroke. Thanks to the incredible support of our Beloved…


Why do you visit the EIAB?


What do you answer when someone is asking you: „Why do you practice meditation? And why do you spend so much time in a buddhist monastery?“ Recently we, two friends of the EIAB, reflected on that question. It is not easy to find a clear answer. As a first approach…


Digging my own well


During the last weekend, I participated in the coursse „Mindfulness is the Source of Happiness“ with Brother Phap Nhat. On the last day, he draw a picture of a pond and a well. Looking at the pond, it first seems that there is a lot of water in it; we…


Construction of the new Kitchen and Dining Hall


Dear Friends of the EIAB, we would like to thank you all from our heart for the generous donations you have made and without which our work here would not have been possible, and hope that we can continue to rely on your help and commitment. We would also like…


Applied Buddhism – The practice of ‘non-Self’


Applied Buddhism – The practice of ‘non-Self’ Being in touch with the ‘Other Possibilities’ of living Friends visiting EIAB sometimes ask me what exactly ‘Applied Buddhism’ is and how it is different from other forms of Buddhism. I enjoy this inquiry very much and would like to share briefly with…